We’re Back!

the return

Wow! Now that was what I’d call a hiatus for sure…

The other day while I was out attending to some of my other investments a client said to me, “you know, what ever happened to that Costa Rica news web site of yours?”

Click ‘n whir. Yes believe it or not I had to think about it for a second because our portfolio of web domains exceeded 200 at one point.

The good news is it got me thinking.

2016 sounded like a great year to bring back MYCRN. The only thing left to consider is finding the time to report the news people actually want to hear about.

So here’s what I’m going to do…

I will return to a time when, every morning, I’d get up and mix myself a coffee. Yeah yeah…mix it with Bailey’s. Don’t knock it till you try it my friend. Anyways, I use to sip my brew while reviewing all the current Costa Rica related news going on around the world. From there I would pick the ones I felt readers might want to hear about and then my team of writers would write them.

Well I ain’t got no team anymore so that leaves just me.

So bear with me hear while I shake off the rust but I do promise to come back with the same honest, straight from the hip style we had before. So stick around…things are about to get interesting around here.

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