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Costa Rica’s Pacific coast surfing

Costa Rica’s Pacific coast surfing

Costa Rica is dream paradise of dense jungles, misty mountains, and just over 900 miles of coastline between the Caribbean and Pacific coasts. Home to almost 5% of the world’s biodiversity, this small tropical Central American country is just 9 degrees above the equator which means warms weather all year round with water temperatures in


Yoga steadily gains popularity in Costa Rica

Since the 90s, Costa Rica has experienced a growing interest in yoga, a discipline of Indian origin, which is defined as the art and science of mental discipline that can help you to broaden your mind. The experts in the field say that yoga seeks to reach the integration of the individual soul (jiva –


Costa Rica: Get Living

Costa Rica: Get Living by Patrick Pierson. This video was shown throughout cinemas in the US throughout the end of 2013 and early 2014.

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Hotels Report 73% Capacity Filled by Year End

The Costa Rican Chamber of Hotels (CCH) report showed 73% of hotel – rooms beach, mountain and city, will be filled by end and beginning of the year, according to a survey. The research department of the CCH reported beach hotel still preferred by tourists is estimated to have an occupancy rate of 86% and

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Tourists chose La Fortuna de San Carlos for Top Ten Emerging Destinations Awards

The leading travel portal, TripAdvisor chose La Fortuna de San Carlos, in the northern region of Costa Rica as one of the 10 emerging destinations or more growth in 2013. Only Havana, Cuba surpassed Costa Rica on the TripAdvisor ranking list. The list also includes Kathmandu (Nepal), Jerusalem (Israel), Cuzco (Peru) Ambergris Cave (Belize), Sapporo…

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Three New Central American Airlines Seeking Certification

In 2014 three new Central American capital airlines: Air Ticos, Ticas Airlines and Cheap Flights Central (CASI) could start operating. The new companies want to serve international routes amid an industry dominated by giants like Avianca, Copa Airlines, Delta and 20 other international airlines. The General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), says there are still segments

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Tourism Impact and Sustainability in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – The tourism sector generates high environmental impacts, and Costa Rica is taking steps to reduce this impact without negatively affecting the tourist trade. Two examples are the water footprint and carbon footprint. According to data released by the Center for Responsible Travel (CREST), a tourist used 84 to 2.000 liters of…

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Affordable Health Care not so Affordable: Medical Tourism as an Alternative

With the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) forcing individuals and business to figure out the governments failing roll-out, potential patients are looking, now more than ever at medical tourism, as an alternative source of medical care, and as well businesses are taking a serious look at this option that could save thousands of dollars per…

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