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In Costa Rica Family is EVERYTHING

In Costa Rica Family is EVERYTHING

Having been living in Costa Rica now for over 9 years, it can be said that without a shadow of a doubt…family is EVERYTHING! Families here are large and close knit. Being predominantly Catholic, the tiny nation of 4.2 million relies heavily on its family bond. Whether its a marriage or a birth of a

Paul Watson Costa Rica

Has Paul Watson Escaped From Germany?

Newswires are burning up whether or not it is the truth that Sea Shepherd captain and star of Whale Wars, has escaped house arrest in Germany. Mid-May of 2012, while on his way to France, Mr.Watson was arrested in Germany off outstanding charges relating to a Guatemalan fishing boat that was spotted illegally shark finning

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Two Ticos Participate in Intel Science Fair in Pennsylvania

The dreams of two ticos is to help people with disabilities. Thanks to their accomplishments they are closer to their dream after winning prizes in a competition with 1,500 other students from 68 countries. Luis Gerardo Leon of Bagaces, Guanacaste, and Jose Miguel Gonzalez, a resident of Escazú, won in the International Fair Intel Science…

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Quality of Tico Seafood Under the Scope

Experts at the National University are investigating the quality of the seafood consumed by Costa Ricans. By poor handling, this causes most products to decompose in a few days. The cold rooms are fresh, but often the fish have several days of leaving the water and handling is not adequately done. For this reason, many…

Skin Cancer Concerns in Ticos

Sporting events and other activities involving the gathering of large crowds of people during peak UV hours, will have to change their schedule. The Health Ministry will order these and other sports activities are carried outbefore 11 am or after 2 pm. It’s for this reason there are many Ticos with skin cancer. Sun exposure…

300+ Ticos Return From Panama After Being Stranded

Government authorities announced the noon arrival at Paso Canoas the first group of Costa Ricans caught in Panama due to blockages in the Interamerican Highway. Roberto Garcia, Minister of Communication, said this morning that they will begin to mobilize the Ticos from David, back to the country. He did not specify the path to follow. Then, the Costa…

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Googe Invites Ticos To Virtual Science Fair

Internet giant Google invited Costa Rican youth to participate in the next edition of the online science fair. According to a press release, students from 13 to 18 years can participate, individually or in teams of three people. The idea is for students to formulate a question, develop a hypothesis and conduct scientific experiments to…

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85% Of Ticos Qualify For Visa to USA

85% of Costa Ricans who apply for a Visa receive the approval to go to USA. “The approval data has remained constant for years” said the press office of the embassy. According to them, the requests that are not granted are only temporary situations and applicants can perform the request again if they consider that…

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