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The Broken Road – Starting a Beach Town Business in Costa Rica

The Broken Road – Starting a Beach Town Business in Costa Rica

Life is not easy. I have found this every step of the way in Costa Rica while trying to build a life of my own. I was never one to follow the rules of society. I felt like the path of life that was set before most people was just not for me. I wanted

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Untamed Costa Rica

Slowly the tropics take us apart. The books are first to go, dissolving into the pulp they originally were, so you have to pick apart each page where it has melted into its neighbours. A recent magazine looks decades old. There’s the canopy always overhead, enclosing us in permanent dusk, and the constant danger of

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Record number of students in Costa Rica

27 students started the sixth edition of the FIFA/CIES Programme in sport management organised in cooperation with Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR) on 7 March. This is a record number of participants for the Programme in Costa Rica, a source of great satisfaction for CIES and its academic partner. The students (including nine women) come

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The Real Cost of Living in Costa Rica

The cost of living in Costa Rica lures a large quantity of expatriates, but it’s important to become educated on effective spending habits prior to calling this southern paradise home. An individual, a couple, or a family can get by on much less while living much happier! Moving to a new country is not a

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