Officer complaint CCSS ‘falsified information’ caused crisis

The liquidity crisis that is facing the Social Security Fund (CCSS) was caused by a “makeup” of institutional salary data, according to a complaint filed by economist and official of the entity Daniel Muñoz Korea.

The case entered to the Public Ministry on May 24, but only last week that was taken over by the Assistant Prosecutor for probity, transparency and anti-corruption, as confirmed by the press office of this area.

According to Muñoz, the Fund’s financial crisis dated from 2008, when Board of Directors approved a project of salary policy which, he said, was based on “falsified” information, which was attributed to senior officials.

This policy included benefits such as breaking the top of the layoff of 12 to 20 years.

Munoz showed a report by a video that was put on the website in July.

“(The policy) was made the margin of the annual assessment of Actuarial Health Insurance, which is the official document, and making up financial projections and that insurance in 2025”, he said.

The press office  reported that no institutional representative has been notified of this complaint.

“We gave explanations to the authorities to the Investigating Committee of the Legislature,” said the CCSS.

In May, the Board of Directors of CCSS proposed to employees, lower unemployment calculation again from 2015. This measure and recommendations were of the Comptroller General of the Republic and the Commission of Notables who analyzed the crisis of the state.

In addition to the supposed manipulation of information, Muñoz denounced the “contagion” of the crisis to the Disability, Old Age and Death (IVM).

This he explained, came by purchasing securities Health Regime, Sickness and Maternity (SEM), without having a technical study that supported that acquisition.

The official said the IVM Investment Committee forced the purchase of titles to solve the liquidity problem of the health regimen, even if that meant “a huge potential loss in IVM fund performance.”