Man Falls Off Tarcoles Bridge And Eaten By Crocodiles

tarcoles river

tarcoles river accident

The Tarcoles River near Jaco has become world famous for tourist who come to Costa Rica for a glimpse at her “wild side”. Beneath this bridge on any given day are a dozen or more crocodiles. Some of these are monstrous and exceed 14 feet in length.

Today tourists got more than they bargained for when a local Costa Rican man (assumed drunk) fell over the edge of the bridge in to the river below. Immediately upon hitting the water it was reported that the crocodiles engulfed him and repeatedly attacked the man until he died.

Firefighters and the Red Cross were at the scene however recovery of remaining body parts was impossible as the creatures continued to consume the man.

It is being reported the man was intoxicated at the time he fell however this has yet to be confirmed.

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