Has Paul Watson Escaped From Germany?

Newswires are burning up whether or not it is the truth that Sea Shepherd captain and star of Whale Wars, has escaped house arrest in Germany.

Mid-May of 2012, while on his way to France, Mr.Watson was arrested in Germany off outstanding charges relating to a Guatemalan fishing boat that was spotted illegally shark finning in waters off the shores of Guatemala.

The crew of the Veradero I just so happened to be Ticos (Costa Ricans).

Paul Watson was filming for a feature filmed titled Shark Water when the event unfolded. The entire episode was caught on film. During his arrival to Costa Rica, officials here would later try to confiscate his footage (now evidence) of the event.

Since May, Watson has remained confined to Germany while his fate is decided between the countries of Costa Rica and Germany.

He has repeatedly claimed it is all political and likely driven by Japanese interests.

At this time it is being reported that Interpol issued the notice of his escape this morning to Costa Rica officials however there are Costa Rica news agencies like La Nacion who are claiming the story is completely false.

We shall wait and see if there is any truth to the story.

Watson has a statue of limitations that will expire for this incident in June 2013.

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