French and Russian Authorities Working Together on Dubois Case

On March 31 the one year anniversay of the demise of the French couple named Dubois while visiting beaches in the region of Quepos on the central Pacific in our country.

According to the ambassador of France Fabrice Delloye (Costa Rica), with the visit of the couple’s only daughter Céline Rousell, we want to get more information about the case and also discuss the possibility of creating an International Rotary Commission to work together.

Delloye clarified that they are expecting a judge and French researchers to arrive in the coming weeks to collaborate with local authorities in the investigation into this case.

The French ambassador in our country Fabrice Delloye, explained about an International Rotary Commission.

For his part, Francisco Segura, assistant director of Judicial Investigation, said the case remains open, although it moves slowly, the steps are accurate.

The Dubois family came to our country on a tourist trip and disappeared on March 31 while visiting the beaches in Quepos.

The last time anyone saw them was when they left the place where they were staying in Manuel Antonio, but never returned.

Days later, the vehicle turned up with broken glass and personal belongings such as handbags and backpacks were discovered along a nearby river, no documents or valuables, while passports were found in a garbage bin at Jaco Beach.

Their credit cards were used several times between March 31 and April 7 last year.

In the middle of last month, excavations were conducted on a farm in Damas, Quepos, where according to alert neighbors, they would have found the buried foreigners. Of course this was only speculation based on a “clairvoyant”.

Nothing came of it but a towel allegedly from the missing couples hotel room.

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