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In Costa Rica Family is EVERYTHING

In Costa Rica Family is EVERYTHING

Having been living in Costa Rica now for over 9 years, it can be said that without a shadow of a doubt…family is EVERYTHING! Families here are large and close knit. Being predominantly Catholic, the tiny nation of 4.2 million relies heavily on its family bond. Whether its a marriage or a birth of a

Evidence Found in Missing French Couple Case

OIJ have a clue. This suggests that the couple’s remains might be buried somewhere within the farm in Quepos that has been the focus of attention for investigators over the past few days. As confirmed, the correspondent in the area, Jorhany Montero, said that OIJ has found a towel on site that is from the…

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Officials Rethink Case of Missing French Couple After Hours of Searching in Damas Quepos

Despite reports from Telenoticias Canal 7 stating that OIJ had discovered the bodies of the missing French couple – the Dubois – the truth of the situation was without discovery. 60 officers of the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) arrived very early yesterday to the property The Machado, Ladies of Quepos to try to locate the…

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Bodies Of French Couple FOUND On Farm in Quepos

Agents of the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) arrived this morning at a farm in Quepos, where they presumed would be buried the bodies of a French couple missing since March last year. This information is according to confidential witnesses. The couple from France, identified as Claude and Gerard Dubois who entered the country on March…

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Why Do I Post What I Post?

Well to be quite frank with you…I’m just the messenger! Being a conduit for Costa Rica news stories can be tiresome. As some of you may or may not have realized, some time ago I stopped writing the daily news which is now contributed by a Costa Rican native, Roddy Escalante of Perez Zeledon. I…

Gays Get Rejected…AGAIN!

Considering it “impossible”, the Second Family Court of San Jose rejected the application for civil marriage raised from a gay couple. The petition was filed last week by Antonio Rodriguez and Eliezer Bermúdez, along with other same-sex couples, which are still awaiting a response from their request. The ruling by Judge Jorge Arturo Marchena Rosabal…

Costa Rica Offers Budget Friendly, Family Friendly Travel Options

 Costa Rica Presents Spending budget Friendly, Household Friendly Travel Choices Published 04/08/2011 (San José, Costa Rica) – Spending budget-minded and adventure-looking for travellers who don’t mind a small rain are clicking their gumboot heels this month as a collection of award winning Central American ecolodges prepare to launch into “Green Season.” The nickname comes from…

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Two-Weeks Left in the National Aquarium’s Get-Going Costa Rica Family …

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