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In Costa Rica Family is EVERYTHING

In Costa Rica Family is EVERYTHING

Having been living in Costa Rica now for over 9 years, it can be said that without a shadow of a doubt…family is EVERYTHING! Families here are large and close knit. Being predominantly Catholic, the tiny nation of 4.2 million relies heavily on its family bond. Whether its a marriage or a birth of a

Young people with cancer and their families have new free housing

A little quality of lifein the middle of the tribulations of a youthful fight against cancer. That is what will offer the House Beatrice, starting tomorrow, to patients of this disease and their families. Beatrice House is a hostel of Calderon Guardia Hospital, for patients 12 years and 9 months and up to 18 years.…

Families Seek Restitution For Deaths

An allowance of ¢200 million is being asked by the families of three men who died when the car they were riding was crushed by a cement mixer, known as “Chompipa”. The amount was released yesterday by Emilio Leon and Javier Vargas, lawyers for the families of the victims, at the beginning of the trial…

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