CustomerSpeak, formerly Datascension, closes shop; fires 500


April 14th, 2014 ( US-based CustomerSpeak, which provides multilingual data collection and contact center services, has closed down its facility in Mall San Pedro in San José, leaving 500 workers unemployed.

CustomerSpeak’s Costa Rica operations were acquired from US-based Datascension in 2011, after Datascension reported a huge drop in revenues that year. CustomerSpeak stepped in that year and acquired Datascension’s assets and assumed its liabilities.

At the end of last year, CustomerSpeak negotiated a settlement with the Costa Rican Social Security System (CCSS) to pay more than $3 million to settle Datascension’s outstanding worker-employer tax obligations.

A former employee in the call center told a reporter for local television station, Teletica, that staff had received a letter informing them their services were no longer required.

Information as to what led to the decision was not immediately available.

The closure adds another 500 unemployed to the Costa Rican economy, which has been stunned in recent days after Intel announced the closure of its manufacturing operations in the country, resulting in the loss of 1,500 jobs, as well as Bank of America, which announced the closure of large back office facility in the country and the firing of all 1,500 of its staff.

Courtesy of Inside Costa Rica

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