Costa Rican Entrepreneur Wins Prize in Global Competition for Clean Energy

The Costa Rican project Cibus 3.0 won first place in the transportation category in the global competition for clean energy at the Clean Tech Open , held last week in Silicon Valley, California, United States.

The venture also placed third for the international category.

Cibus 3.0 is an innovative system of aerobic bacteria capable of transforming whey into biodiesel.

“The idea is not to produce biodiesel ourselves, but the technology to provide milk producers to, “said David Garcia, one of the innovative project, in an interview. García has developed the idea of business and technology along with seven colleagues from the University of Costa Rica and the National University.

The project had the opportunity to compete in the Clean Tech Open (one of the most important global clean energy) after winning 2012 in the category of clean energy.

The competition brought together a hundred innovations in clean technologies in categories such as agriculture, waste, sustainable buildings, energy, transport and advanced materials, and other areas.

“The most important thing is to have perseverance and believe in it , “said Garcia. “If the idea is good, and tests have already validated the performance, then you must believe so other people will believe in you and your idea,” he said.

Garcia said that during the event he had the opportunity to talk with academics from prestigious American universities, such as Stanford University and the University of California at Berkeley, as well as international investors.

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