Costa Rica Tour Operators Claim Slow(er) Season This Year

This year, Costa Rica tour operators say that they experienced a slight decrease in inbound tourism numbers flowing through their businesses.

In spite of what ICT is reporting for 2012, companies offering Costa Rica tours of all types, are reporting a lower in-flow of traffic.

Miguel Solano Bartles of CR Tours N’ Stuff had this to say…

“We keep reading how tourism numbers are at record levels but our receipt books show otherwise. We remain optimistic because like the weather phenomena, El Niño, tourism in Costa Rica flows like a wave across the ocean – sometimes it’s up while other times it’s down.”

With such an array of options to choose from in the way of Costa Rica tours, it would appear that the country has become the leader in nature and eco-friendly oriented vacations spots. In fact some say that Costa Rica is a close second to only Africa for the whole “wildlife/nature experience”.

This is not hard to believe considering the vast expanses of untouched rainforests here along with small pockets – like Corcovado National Park – that contain over 5% of the world’s flora and fauna. An achievement when considering it’s compact size.

Costa Rica Vacations company, CRV, has routinely seen a trending interest grow within the adventure and “nature” packages they sell. The company, in contrast to CR Tours N’ Stuff, has been experiencing a notable yearly growth pattern in their business – so much so that they are readying the launch of their new web site to better serve the increase in traffic.

So whether or not the ICT is inflating Costa Rica tourism numbers remains unclear, what is clear is the fact that the country is becoming a world hot spot within eco-tourism circles and those seeking an experience that will put them square in the face of mother nature in her rawest form.

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