Costa Rica Proving To Have Some Of The Best Coffee In The World

Three enterprising families in the region of Tarrazu are responsible for producing the best coffee in Costa Rica. This fine grain will be priced next week at an international auction.

In the green mountain slopes of the Santos area, hide the best secrets to produce one of the best coffees in the world. A field of coffee growing tradition of humble people and especially working is the best place to produce the Costa Rican golden grain.

But in this land that begins the story of three farming families now benefited from its grain. The tradition was that the coffee growers delivered their crops to cooperatives or benefits, but these families wanted to make a difference.

Initiated the idea of being able to process their crop on their farm and there, the success story starts where new generations have taken the initiative in the new revolution of micro-benefits.

Luis Alberto Monge is a producer who for years were encouraged to take the step, now its “coffee boutique”. This coffee is enjoyed by discerning consumers worldwide. This year took second place in Cup of Excellence and working everyday to give their customers the best Costa Rican coffee.

The Navarro family, live with passion the coffee cultivation, exotic flavor and fragrance of its grain is traded in markets such as Japan, Australia, USA and Germany.

Now they manage to process all the harvest, family labor has been the key to that in just 3 years left now say with pride that produce a high quality coffee in the micro-benefit Monte Copey family.

The Calderon in Santa Maria de Dota today enjoy talking between father and sons of their work: the benefit Los Angeles, pointed out to produce a high quality grain. Last year the Calderon family managed to sell a $ 2000 per quintal in the auction of the cup of excellence.

Behind a gasket and a coffee bean writing a story, sweat, passion and love to produce the best fertilizer to reap the best coffee in Costa Rica.

The coffee from these families will be auctioned on Tuesday in a bid that brings together electronics finest coffee buyers from around the world.

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