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Paul Watson Costa Rica

Has Paul Watson Escaped From Germany?

Newswires are burning up whether or not it is the truth that Sea Shepherd captain and star of Whale Wars, has escaped house arrest in Germany. Mid-May of 2012, while on his way to France, Mr.Watson was arrested in Germany off outstanding charges relating to a Guatemalan fishing boat that was spotted illegally shark finning

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Costa Rica News Website Told to CAN IT by Google

One of the competing websites to our Costa Rica News Site, has recently had their Google powered commenting section removed. And what was the reason for this agressive move on behalf of Google? In recently weeks, Google has consolidated their terms and conditions contracts throughout their vast network of services/sites – now we have one


Four Ticos Compete in Surf Competition

Four Tico surfers will participate in the third round of the Latin Tour, which begins today at Montanita Beach in Ecuador. Anthony Fillingim, Noé Mar McGonagle, Jason Torres and Jairo Perez will represent the country in a new day of the tournament popularly known as ALAS (an acronym for the Latin American Surfing Association). The first of them, who was eighth in the Open division of the circuit in 2011, is planted in the third round, while his compatriots do need to fight from the start.

Advertise With Costa Rica News Site

We all know how tough it can be for small businesses to gain the level of exposure necessary to get their business flying – it’s for this reason that Costa Rica News Site has decided to offer advertising packages so affordable…almost any size business can afford them. Costa Rica News Site is not your average…

Grammar in Costa Rica News Stories?

Ok, I thought it was time to address this issue with grammar in our stories on Costa Rica News Site. Awhile back, as some of you will remember, I decided to pick up a Costa Rican fellow named Roddy Escalante to write the stories for Costa Rica News Site – this was back a few…

Why Do I Post What I Post?

Well to be quite frank with you…I’m just the messenger! Being a conduit for Costa Rica news stories can be tiresome. As some of you may or may not have realized, some time ago I stopped writing the daily news which is now contributed by a Costa Rican native, Roddy Escalante of Perez Zeledon. I…

Changing the Landscape

Well well well… These days there is a shift in the air. Costa Rica News Site is gaining ground and rapidly exceeding expectations with regards to traffic and overall ranking and attention to the site. Clearly this makes Don one happy camper. In the near future there will be continuous changes going on as we…