Costa Rica News Website Told to CAN IT by Google

One of the competing websites to our Costa Rica News Site, has recently had their Google powered commenting section removed.

And what was the reason for this agressive move on behalf of Google?

In recently weeks, Google has consolidated their terms and conditions contracts throughout their vast network of services/sites – now we have one universal T&C to abide by.

ICR has long been the site to go to if you wanted to read foreigners who have made the conscious decision to live in Costa Rica, bashing and attacking the locals aka Ticos.

I believe we have covered this odd behavior in a previous post – Foreigner or Local: Idiocy is Idiocy

In light of this insistant behavior of bigotry, Google has taken necessary action and removed ICR’s commenting through their services as a result.

What is surprising is that they didn’t lose their Google News access in the midst of it all.

Goes to show you – in this day and age, you can and will be held responsible for your readership actions. No more playing the naive card.

The surprising part is…even though they’ve found an alternative solution, you can still find the usual suspects regurgitating the same ol’ same ol’, “I just can’t quit you” line while backhanding the Tico culture right down to the food they eat.

Sure the author of many of the controversial articles has publicly stated his thoughts, the reality is, the editor of ICR is known to love “stirring the pot”. For this reason, it is not hard to swallow when Mr. Holtz says that the editor actually asked him personally to write edgy articles to create a stir.

I guess we reap what we sow and now ICR may have a hard time washing themselves clean of this mess as to avoid being known as the “black sheep”. No pun intended!

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