30 Seconds to Mars Landing in Costa Rica

Los Angeles alternative rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars will visit Costa Rica for the first time this coming Sunday, May 4th. This immensely popular musical group has been accumulating awards, significant radio airplay and sold-out tours for more than a decade, and fans in Costa Rica will soon be able to enjoy their live concert in support of their best-selling “Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams” album.

Thirty Seconds to Mars (30STM) started as a duo. Actor Jared Leto and his brother Shannon have been playing music together since childhood. After a few changes in their lineup, the band settled on instrumentalist Tomo Milicevic and the Leto brothers. All their albums have topped modern rock charts and have also received critical acclaim.

The progressive rock influences of 30STM has earned them comparisons to legendary Canadian rock band Rush. Use of outer space imagery and spiritual lyrics in their records have also invited comparisons to Pink Floyd. 30STM has also received acclaim for their sleek videos and for bringing progressive rock into the 21st century.

Fittingly, 30STM is the only rock band to have launched a record into space; as reported by the Huffington Post last year, the single “Up in the Air” was launched aboard a Falcon 9 rocket carrying a Dragon cargo capsule that docked with the International Space Station along with a scientific payload. Astronaut Tom Mashburn received the single.

The 30STM concert is being organized by Evenpro, and it will take place at the Palacio de los Deportes (Sports Palace) in Heredia. Tickets are now on sale through eTicket Costa Rica online, in person at Fresh Market convenience stores, or by telephone at 2295-9400.

Ticket Prices:

VIP section: 56,000 colones (about $112)
Preferential seats: 50,000 colones
General public east and west: 39,000 colones
Source: A Donde Ir Hoy

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