Young people with cancer and their families have new free housing

A little quality of lifein the middle of the tribulations of a youthful fight against cancer. That is what will offer the House Beatrice, starting tomorrow, to patients of this disease and their families.

Beatrice House is a hostel of Calderon Guardia Hospital, for patients 12 years and 9 months and up to 18 years. Located in the gated comunity Calderon Munoz, 200 to the east and 100 south of Multifamily, San Jose.

The building is named for the young Beatriz Cespedes Pino patient who died two years ago after battling leukemia, but will benefit hundreds of cancer patients.

The place was enabled, is a house that belonged to the Pine family. There, the beneficiaries will receive free the hosting and food.

“When you have a sick child, any help is welcome, because you think only in your son and is pending for the food, recovery and treatment.

Beatriz Home we will worry about that parent distress, and know that there they are going to find food, place to rest, sleep, regain strength and to continue to accompany with their son or daughter, “said Helga Cespedes, mother of the died young.

To enter this place no requirements. The selection of beneficiaries is provided by the Social Work Department of the Hospital Calderón Guardia, where people can complete the application forms.

Interested parties must demonstrate a special socio-economic situation and be patient with cancer or close relatives.

The operation of this house will be maintained with donations. Anyone wishing to help can write to, call 2227-7412 or deposit your donation to the National Bank to the account in colones 200-01-061-022210-2 or customer account (SINPE) 151-06 – 1200-102-2107.

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