Women Passes As Nurse To Lethally Inject Patient

The authorities of San Juan de Dios Hospital concluded that they are complying with established security protocol.

This announcement comes after a woman supposedly dressed as a nurse entered the medical center and injected a lethal drug to a patient who was hospitalized.

According to the deputy, Daniel Quesada, the woman entered the medical center with a license issued by the College of Nurses of Costa Rica. This identification was apparently presented at checkpoints.

“It is impossible to determine the intentions of a person, we comply with the provisions, the OIJ is who should conduct the investigation of the case and determine what happened,” said Quesada.

At present the personnel of the hospital provides care to the families of the deceased and patients who were in the room when the death occurred of women.

Moreover, the woman still remains detained on the orders of the judicial authorities.

Even criminal law experts say that as established in Article 116 of the Penal Code if it appears that Barrantes acted under the offense of mercy killing, the penalty would be between 6 months and 3 years. This means that she could not go to prison. And the mercy killing can be shown even only evidence confirming the specific request of the patient.

Another issue is that the relatives of Lilian Arias do not discard the possibility of suing the Social Security Fund and the hospital for what happened.

According to this subject  within the CCSS –  indicated that the exclusive responsibility is of the medical center.

However, in the San Juan de Dios insist that the issue of restriction of visits is not so simple because it also would be violating the rights of same patients.

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