Woman Arrested in Limon With Drugs, Weapons and Ammunitions

In Limon, a woman desperate to know something of her husband who was gone for a week, took a 38 caliber revolver. The woman was driving an ATV when she began to shoot in middle of the street not caring that there were people walking there.

The lady went crazy when someone asked about her husband and in her own world, she believed that everything would be resolved with the shooting. She was accompanied by two friends of hers.

The regional assistant director of the security forces in Limon “, Erick Calderon said,” We report that a woman was shooting in the street and was immediately arrested. She authorized and signed for us to enter her house and it was there we found , 9-mm gun cartridges, bullets for a revolver 38, 10 points for cocaine, marijuana and cartridges for the weapon with which she was shooting. ”

Also confiscated was the ATV she was driving because the woman had no license and the vehicle did not have the proper documents to travel.

Manuel Salas, local police chief, said the woman was passed to the Courts of flagrancy after the fact.

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