Will It Be Draught or Flooding?

La Nina gradually loses strength so the Caribbean Zone this year will be full of rain and the Pacific of the country will be affected by drought, according to the report issued by the National Meteorological Institute as part of the celebration of “World Meteorological day. ”

Another concern for Costa Ricans is the subject of tropical storms but this year will be within the normal expected because only the presence of 10 of these, of which only six could become hurricanes, and of these 2 could be very intense. Of which at least 2 will be generated over the Caribbean Sea.

“We can see significant change in the first two months of the year compared to last year, and there has been a rainfall deficit for this year throughout the country for the second semester of studies should be made again to see if they remain forecasts.” said Juan Carlos Fallas of IMN.

For those who are thinking of buying sweaters, coats and umbrellas will be a week early because the entry of the rainy season will be delayed one week, in fact the following years were similar — 2012 to 1968 and 2001.

In the case of the rainy season it will mainly affect the cantons of the Caribbean area which fall between 135 and 140 cubic millimeters, meanwhile the Central Valley and the Northern Zone will have a normal scenario, while the Central Pacific, North and South suffer from drought, these conditions will be appearing from April to June.

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