Wildfires Above Normal This Year

This year the Fire Department of our country attended 148 wildfires, representing more than 16 thousand hectares of forest destroyed by fire.

Hector Chavez, director of the company, explained that the main reasons have been processed agricultural burning by people irresponsibly lighting them.

According to Chavez, the time it takes to regenerate the affected areas varies depending on the vegetation that was consumed during the fire, however, he also confirmed that a partial recovery can take between 10 and 15 years.

Authorities also confirmed that this year they attended more than 4 000 urban fires already — the same amount for all last year, making the firefighters insistant that the general population should help to avoid disasters.

The fire chief urges everyone vacationing during Holy Week to be responsible for drawing up bonfires and using gunpowder, as these activities can trigger more fires.

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