When Considering Buying in Costa Rica, Do Your Research

homes for sale in Costa Rica

Hundreds of people each year, pack up their bags, kids (if they have them), the family dog and fly off to Costa Rica to start their new lives. Trouble is…who can you trust to get an honest opinion on buying Costa Rica real estate?

To be quite frank with you…there aren’t many.

With a revolving door of developer projects, Costa Rica is ripe for the picking.

Lacking any sort of regulations when it comes to real estate — Costa Rica has been compared to the Wild West when it comes to purchasing
homes for sale in Costa Rica

For this reason, it is important to research who you’re thinking of purchasing with. I don’t mean the land owner or the home owner either…I’m referring to the realtor himself.

With an unregulated system like we have here, things can quickly become convoluted whereas the realtor becomes so focused on “what they want/need” and put it before the needs and requirements of the client. In other words…the commission level plays the biggest factor.

That being said, know this…

When conversing with a Costa Rica real estate agency or individual, there is a high probability that you’ll not see the “affordable” homes for sale in Costa Rica but rather, what he/she feels will make them the higher commission.

Honest? Not so much no but hey…such is life here.

Surprisingly though, one can get a lot done from “back home” before ever stepping foot in to the country.

homes for sale in Costa RicaG.I.Y.B.F. (Google Is Your Best Friend)

…and when it comes to affordable Costa Rica houses for sale — one name sits proudly above the others.

Randy Berg may be disliked by realtors in Costa Rica but that suits him fine given he’s too busy providing people the affordable lifestyle they come here for.

Having come to Costa Rica over 10 years ago, the Bergs built their dream home, including land, for under $50,000. For this amazing accomplishment, Randy and wife Rhonda Berg, were featured on the frontpage of Newsweek. Their story is an amazing one and well worth the read.

Article here: http://www.cr-home.com/book

And Randy is not alone – there are others just like him who strive to provide a real bargain, something long lost, to those considering retiring in Costa Rica on a fixed income.

You just have to…DO YOUR RESEARCH!

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