What A Mess! Hole In Major Highway Causes Havoc


The hole caused by the collapse of a sewer, which was stuck for a log, on Tuesday night, San Jose-Alajuela route of the Autopista General Cañas, the Minister of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT) decided to install two bridges type Bailey at the site of the sinking.

With this action the MOPT intended to restore the passage to Alajuela. The bridges have a length of 27 meters and are being placed in front of Los Arcos, this in order to control the passage of vehicles.

According to the Ministry of Public Works, also advanced in the excavation of 5 of the 8 meters required for installing the new sewer, so the engineer explained, Luis Llach Lamb Minister of Public Works.

Llach said that every bridge has a capacity of 40 tons, enough to support normal traffic on this road, and heavy vehicles.

This weekend would be enabled temporarily radial Coyol that communicates, Bernardo Soto Highway route to San José-Caldera (Route 27), with the aim of contributing to the overcrowding of the General Cañas highway.

According to Edwin Rodriguez, technical secretary of the National Tender Board, that are working in coordination with the Sun Highway to realize the possible effect of provisional opening of this road.

With this incident, not only the MOP, had to run to solve the problem temporalmete. Because many companies had big losses and provoked large dams for cars, trailers and buses.

According to a study NAVSAT, the congestion on the General Cañas highway by closing two lanes by a huge gap, decreased 50% from the mess that was presented on Wednesday.

On Thursday, there were dams, up to 21.6 miles, as opposed to the 43.3 miles that reached on Wednesday.

In addition, the production of more than 200 companies of Cartago and San Jose is threatened by the collapse in the General Cañas.

One is the factory in La Uruca Inyco bags, one of the companies in the last hours had losses because they can not deliver the goods on time, because transportation could not move through the hole on the freeway.

In addition to Pipasa and other national companies such as The Wrangler, Rome, Prince and Montecillos depend on these bags.

Another company that is concerned about the time it takes the government to repair this road is Intel.

There are more than 200 companies in Cartago and San José transporting their goods by the General Cañas. Employers ask the government to accelerate the repair work.

And also exporting companies also face challenges to extend its production to the Juan Santamaria International Airport. And the number of flights that many people lost on Wednesday.

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