Watson Is Free On Bail And Ready To Continue Fight

Paul Watson Costa Rica

Captain Paul Watson was freed on bail after a week of detention in a prison in Frankfurt, Germany. The marine environmentalist, founder of the environmental organization Sea Shepherd, paid $250,000 euros to the higher regional court to be free.

He now calls his followers to demonstrate publicly with him on Wednesday at the front of the palace of Bellevue. This is because of the arrival of the President of Costa Rica Laura Chinchilla will be in that European country.

Watson was arrested on 13 May in Frankfurt airport for a warrant from the International Criminal Court in San Jose in October 2011 with the objective to face a trial for endangering the lives of seamen in Guatemala.

When Paul Watson was free he told reporters he feels better with his release. He said he did not believe that something that happened ten years ago will affect his life in Germany.

In a statement, Sea Shepherd said: “We call for a global action day on Wednesday, May 23. On this day while the president of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla will visit German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin. ”

On the agenda of the president she announced that she will visit the palace of Bellevue, at 11.a m., with the federal prime minister, Joachim Gauck.

The visit with Angela Merkel will be performed on the same day at 4:30 p. m., but in a different undisclosed place.

The organization is fighting for the German ministers of foreign affairs to desist from continuing the process of extradition.

Watson has expressed that he is afraid of coming to Costa Rica because of shark finning mafia could kill him, and says he will not have a fair trial.

The Foreign Ministry of Costa Rica, said on Saturday in a statement that the marine environmentalist should not fear coming to our country for trial.

“Costa Rica is a country that offers sufficient guarantees of due process, without any political interference. The trial of Mr Watson is no exception, “says the document.

In the indictment, the prosecution says Watson, a Canadian of 61 years, threatened a fishing boat and its crew in 2002. Sea Shepherd said Watson was filming a documentary when his team discovered an illegal operation shark fishing off the coast of Guatemala.

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