Watch What You Say On Facebook!

in the case of the police officer fired yesterday for publishing photos on social networks which showed his neo-Nazi ideology, sets a precedent.

This was explained by the managing partner of the firm BDS, Marco Durante,who says that this will be the first dismissal of many who have the same cause: the publication of information on networks like Facebook.

According to Durante, the Ticos have to learn to live between their virtual and real.

The specialist explained that it is not violating free speech, but of the rights and obligations are as a worker.

During said that the information contained in social networks can be validly used as evidence to punish the workers, provided it is shown that employees fouled the detriment of the interests of his employer.

Internationally there have been layoffs of workers rose photos to Facebook on walks or trips, while they were disabled, and also for publicly criticizing his bosses in social networks.

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