Volunteers Clean Up Tarcoles River


The work of 150 volunteers at the large river basin of the Tárcoles river, the most polluted in the country, began yesterday.

Although the river is highly polluted, it remains a hot tourist attraction for it’s population of crocodiles.

Volunteers from companies such as Bridgestone, MECO joined with the Ministry of Health and the Social Insurance Fund to carry out a titanic task.

Removed from the sector was about two thousand tires that were released as waste into the river.

With shovels, hands and even vehicles, one by one they were removing the tires that would normally take at least 600 years to degrade.

A nonprofit organization called Funde llantas, is responsible for utility to look for these wastes.

Thus was born the idea of ​​preparing these tubes, called “llantiones”.

Now the institutions have the urgency to implement Executive Order 33745 that makes manufacturers and importers responsible to ensure proper disposal of tires once their life is up.

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