Violence Against Women Slightly Lower At 5 Deaths Per Month

Statistics show that the number of homicides against women rose by two cases in relation to the previous year, according to data from the Statistics Section of the Planning Department of the Judiciary.

During 2011 a total of 62 women were murdered in our country, which represents 5 homicides per month. On these cases, 12 are considered within the Act on the Criminalization of Violence Against Women, that is, were victims of their husbands or partners.

This was explained by Ivannia Arias, spokeswoman INAMU

The other 28 women shared the same address or had a relationship with the murderer, which in many cases was the groom.

According to Arias, the International Convention of Belém do Pará, is a covenant that provides for penalties for those who threaten the lives of women physically, sexually and / or psychological.

INAMU spokeswoman said these cases are known as femicide she expanded

Ivannia Arias said that the other 22 situations correspond to intentional homicide committed for various reasons, among which are assaults, revenge killings or the victims were hit by a projectile from a firearm that was not directed toward them.

Penalty Act of Violence against Women, Article 21, states that receive a prison sentence of 20 to 35 years who should kill a woman for which they have a relationship of marriage, common-law declared or not.

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