Vaccine Campaign Begins for Influenza


The flu hit hard during the first months of 2012. Five people have died from the virus and more than 400 had to be hospitalized.

This week, the Social Security Fund, initiated a vaccination campaign in the health centers to curb the spread.

For details Telenoticias spoke with Jose Miguel Rojas, the health service director of the CCSS.

Rojas said that this week they began the process of distribution of the vaccine in the country.

Officials hope that by next Wednesday they may have the dose in 80% of schools throughout the country and thereafter begin to make the vaccination plan for next year.

“By Friday we hope to have all schools with vaccines so for Monday we would be treating patients at risk.” Miguel Rojas said.

The risk groups should assist medical centers, there have a list of people: those with diabetes, children with asthma, respiratory problems and the elderly are the priority.

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