Upcoming Regulations on Slot Machines


Some slot machines will not be able to continue operating in the country. At least that is the order in government income to the country of new machines to places like grocery stores, if applied with rigor because of the new law on casinos.

The fate of the customers of all ages, who play a lot with these games will be limited as they may only play with those already operating in the country.

Both the Ministry of Finance, as in the Congress, the spirit is the same: the new law regulating casinos, will restrict the activity of the “machine” slot machines.

That legislation passed in the second and final debate on 18 June-10 imposes a fine base salaries (¢ 3,600,000) for each slot machines that operates without permission.

“It’s not going to authorize this type of machines or tables in the local Chinese or grocery stores or hotels. The hotels will have a lower rating to four stars, “said the Director of Taxation, Carlos Vargas.

Vargas allowed the owners of these artifacts that already have municipal permit may continue to operate.

“The local Chinese and grocery stores that have their permits for slot machines or table games, will continue to operate and will be required to pay appropriate taxes,” said Vargas.

The new rule states that these devices can only operate in hotels, at least, are in the category of four stars, however, the rights acquired by the patent can not be violent.

The Ministry of Finance shall determine how many machines exist in the country to prevent leaking new appliances.

In the Directorate General of Customs have no idea how many of these devices are in the country, accepted the deputy director of that department of Finance, Benito Coghi.

Still, deputies of all factions hope that the law allows to apply the 10% tax on profits generated from the machines installed.

For the deputy of National Liberation (PLN), Alicia Fournier, should be the municipalities that regulate the collection of tribute.

However, her colleague and head of the Social Christian Unity Party (PUSC), Luis Fishman, believes that the ministry of Finance has to be responsible to control these machines.

The legislator (PAC) Gustavo Arias agree that lacked clarity in the law, but hopes that the issue of who should collect the tax will be resolved through regulation.

The congressmen agree that in the law of casinos affects play centers that serve as attraction for groceries and other play areas around the country.

But people who rent these machines are crossing our fingers, so that the legislation is not very strict with their activity.

This is the case of Sonia Hernandez, she lives in Oreamuno de Cartago, who believes that the income received by the machines will help with operating costs of her small restaurant.

The owners of these activities are difficult to locate. Most employees consulted by this newspaper said that the owners are Orientals who speak little and prefer not be contacted, although it is easy to find online advertisements to rent these machines, but only respond by email when it’s convenient.