Unions Expected To Try Their Hand At Saving Social Security in the Country


Health and education unions around the country came together this Saturday at the Episcopal Conference auditorium in San Jose in the first meeting to rescue the Social Security Fund (CCSS).

The activity called representatives of the National Union of Employees of the Fund (UNDECA) of the National Association of Educators (ANDE), Coordinator of the Trade Union and Teachers (CUSIMA) and representatives of the National Medical Union.

UNDECA Secretary General, Luis Chavarria, confirmed that the purpose of the meeting was to define a joint action plan and forming a national struggle to save the CCSS.

Chavarria also highlighted that during the meeting formed a steering committee, who will lead the fight to improve the services of the box and find a positive outlet for all your needs.

UNDECA representative also said that the CCSS has been kidnapped by the government of the day, while Ileana Balmaceda asked to leave the chief executive of the institution.

The new committee will request a meeting with President of the Republic, LauraChinchilla, in the coming days, to deliver a list of recommendations for the housing rescue their critical situation.

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