UNA Chimes In On Fiscal State

The Fiscal Plan submitted by the Government is practically ruled out, experts at the National University (UNA) insist that the country needs tax reform that improves the ability to collect taxes and check the quality of public spending.

The academics Program for Fiscal Studies of UNA is considered to be studying a proposal for tax reform. It may be, the current or otherwise, as the center of the adjustment measures.

For the investigator, Fernando Rodriguez, combating tax evasion is necessary, but will pay off in the long run, while the fiscal deficit must be attacked quickly to prevent spreading.

Rodriguez said it was little which the Government could cut, for the security and infrastructure emergencies.

Specialists from the National University identified the need to modernize the legislation because the laws that give life to the main taxes are archaic and do not reflect current economic realities.

They added that Costa Rica should be significantly increased their tax burden, which should approach 20% of gross domestic product (GDP).

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