Two Women Arrested And Charged With Falsifying Documents

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Agents of the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) this morning arrested two women for presumably falsifying the identification card of a senior official of the judiciary to try to sell a property and also buy three phones in her name for ¢3 million.

The capture was made by officers of the Fraud Section in three searches that were carried out in Los Cuadros of Goicoechea in San Jose, and Agua Caliente of Cartago.

The Office of OIJ reported that the detainees are a woman named Campos, 45 years old (lives in Los Cuadros) and other named Calderon, 47 years old.

Against the women they have opened a case on charges of misrepresentation and fraud.

The Judicial Police reported that women with the cooperation of other persons falsified the victim card. First they went to the office of a lawyer for the sale of a property. However, the lawyer (whose identity is not revealed) identified some anomalies and after making several phone calls decided not to complete the process.

Subsequently, according to the Judicial Police, the suspects used the fake identity card, they went to several store that sells appliances and applied for a loan in the name of their victim supplanting her identity.

The criminals only managed to to defraud one of the stores where they took three cell phones with a credit for a total of ¢3 million.

The fraud was known when store officials tried to collect the money to the true owner of the identity card who said that she did not buy anything and filed a complaint with the OIJ.

Yesterday, the OIJ. managed to confiscate important documents and evidence in the case, allegedly involving the detainees with these crimes. The judicial officers do not discard more arrests in the case.

The detainees will be on the prosecution to inquire and determine the type of measure that is requested.

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