Two Ticos Participate in Intel Science Fair in Pennsylvania

intel science fair

The dreams of two ticos is to help people with disabilities. Thanks to their accomplishments they are closer to their dream after winning prizes in a competition with 1,500 other students from 68 countries.

Luis Gerardo Leon of Bagaces, Guanacaste, and Jose Miguel Gonzalez, a resident of Escazú, won in the International Fair Intel Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) held in Pennsylvania, USA.

Gerardo Leon took second place in the category of Electrical Engineering and Mechanics. This is the biggest prize won by students from Latin America.

The young man won the project “Intelligent Robot and System Integration with Special Disability (RIIS-ED)”, which wants people with cuadraplejia, or in a wheelchair, tointel science fair move objects through a headset connected to a computer .

The headset works as a remote control. The person with just biting, commands the robot to move and make an order.

The boy told the media that: “The judges congratulated a lot for my work and agreed that the project clearly represented people with disabilities so they can achieve their dream,”

This award was presented yesterday at the big awards ceremony of the ISEF.

Leon hopes this honor will allow this project to materialize and be able to help many people with disabilities.

The delegation also recognized another special prize: Miguel Gonzalez won second place in the category of Mechanical Engineering of the prizes awarded by the Patent and Trademark Society of the United States.

The boy received the award for braille printer, keyboard and digital braille leaf recyclable.

This device allows not only more cheaply printed texts in Braille, but also makes people leaves can be reused again and again.

This is the second time that young people participate in the Fair.

Last year, Leon, designed another robot to manage dangerous chemicals in order not to risk the lives of humans.

For his part, Gonzalez filed a vest that helps people with visual impairments to play music through seven vibrators that represent the seven musical notes.

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