Two Men Arrested in Panama for Stolen MOPT Weapons


The 17 weapons were wrapped in newspapers and hidden in small wheels. These weapons belonging to the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT), were found in Panama this morning.

“The tire was open at the top for removal. The operation was surveillance and monitoring,” said Perez Kenineth a Panamanian journalist.

Through the operation called “MAE”, the Police Information Management in Panama (DIP) conducted a raid on a house in Nogales, east of Panama and the arrest of a couple men named Candenado and Leon Moreno.

They kept concealed 9-mm guns, 32 magazines of ammunition and $12,825 in cash.

Panamanian police received a warning from the police in Costa Rica two weeks ago.

Jorge Rojas, director of the OIJ said, the police monitored the two men for two days,the Panamanian authorities were notified and then they began the research and monitoring within Panama. Subsequently conducting the raid on the house yesterday.

Rojas said in the report of who the suspects were in the house, but they will be kept secret pending an on-going investigation.

And the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) is requesting the transfer of weapons back to Costa Rica. But still it is not clear if the suspects will face trial in Panama or be extradited to Costa Rica.

Authorities suggest that the weapons were probably bound for Colombia.

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