Two Judges Being Investigated After Suspect Rulings

The justice department opened investigations against two judges who released local suspected drug traffickers in Puntarenas that also involved apparent corruption within inmigration of Paso Canoas.

The first is the case of Judge Yorleny Campos Campos, who issued injunctions against six suspects involved in a local organization dedicated to drug trafficking in the province.

The resolution of simple injunctions against the six suspects, including two women, was unrealistic with at least one of them having had two prior convictions for selling drugs.

The prosecution presented evidence such as telephone taps, evidence of controlled purchases of drugs and marked money from drug seizures, however, none the less the judge ordered they sign every 15 days at the court and are restricted from leaving the country.

Judge Campos Yorleny said: “For the imposition of any injunctive relief, whether remand or any other items of evidence must exist to hold that the accused reasonably author or participated in it. This is an indispensable requirement.”

But this is not the only judge who is under scrutiny in recent days. Judge Alberto Vargas Duarte, also being investigated by the judicial department after setting free an immigration official and a hawk (person entering on the streets), residents of Paso Canoas.

They are suspected of bribery. because they were part of an organization that stamped passports to persons with injunctions to not leave the country for several reasons.

Both cases are being analyzed by the Judicial Inspectorate.

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