Two foreigners were arrested for fraud

The Deputy Attorney Fraud arrested a Belgian man a Dutchman, on suspicion of the crime of fraud against two British citizens.

The arrest of the suspects surnamed Sjerps and Vranken occurred in residential homes in Ciudad Colón Rohrmoser. Also raided the houses of two notaries room in Heredia and Santa Ana, as well as a property in San Carlos.

According to the prosecution, foreigners presumably cheated foreigners English, whom they invited to invest in the production of teak wood that were planted and labeled on the farm.

However this has few trees very young, very different features offered by Internet.

According to Mariela Villalobos, the prosecutor responsible for research, said; foreigners emails sent and proposed business.

Then the victims, who have high solvency checked and verified by the website that looked authentic and when they showed interest, suspects sent them information and high quality brochures to their post.

Operations initiated since 2009 to date.

This action brought the confidence of victims, so immediately they agreed to make the transfer of funds requested to agree the business.

Once paid the amount, send them by mail or expedited shipping investment contracts for maintenance and pruning. Apparently one of the complainants paid 170,000 pounds sterling (¢ 136.7 million) and another 150,000 pounds (about ¢ 120.6 million).

Notary publics were not arrested, because the intention of the authorities was the search for evidence in their homes and workplaces. Apparently, these professionals concocted formal notarization and certification, victims were owners of investment Lot of wood, which were forwarded to the offended in their country.

For the time being recorded two victims of an Englishman who traveled to Costa Rica to file the complaint, but it is believed that there are at least 75 more victims who have not been reporting similar situations.