Two Farms Declared Architectural Heritage

Two buildings of San Jose and Guanacaste from this week architectural historic patrimony of Costa Rica, after a decree was published in the Official Gazette.

The owners of the house Huete Quiros, located in Barrio Amon and theHacienda Las Animas, located in Santa Cruz, Guanacaste, will not pay moretaxes or to makeover their properties after the declaration.

In fact, the Architectural Historical Patrimony Ley7555 of Costa Rica, provides in Article 20, imprisonment for one to three years for anyone who damages or destroys a building of historic interest and architectural.

Decree No. 36989-C says: the house Huete was designed “in a landscape where it was housed, the elite josefina nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.”Instead, the Hacienda Las Animas says retains much of its original features.

Culture Minister, Manuel Obregon, was happy, after the declaration of the properties.


Meanwhile, the architect of the Center for Research and Conservation of CulturalHeritage, Veronica Solorzano said that the owners of these properties will from now very supportive of the institution.