Two Costa Rican Youths Travel To Ecuador To Share Stories of Cancer

Two young cancer survivors will travel this Thursday to Quito in Ecuador, to share their testimonies and life experiences in the First World Convention of Young People with Cancer.

Natasha and Minoshka are two youths with completely different situations but with a common history – a very young age both had to cope with cancer.

Natasha was diagnosed at age 14 with lymphoma. And Minoska was diagnosed with osteosarcoma or bone cancer in her leg.

These two brave young people are part of “Project Daniel” an association that provides support for patients between 12 and 21 who suffer from these conditions.

For their strength, leadership and commitment, Natasha and Minoshka were selected to participate in the First World Convention of Young People with Cancer in Ecuador from May 4 to the 8th.

Project Daniel, support for two years for young people with cancer have a reason to smile and improved quality of life.

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