Two Arrests Made – One for Fraud, Other Manslaughter

Officials arrested a man surname Herrera Mata investigated for multiple scams and another subject identified as Perez Acevedo for manslaughter after they ran from the authorities. They were transported to the Criminal Court in Perez Zeledon where they had existing warrants for their arrests.

The arrests occurred in different areas but were made by officers of the Armed Forces.

The first was in the area of ​​Palmar Norte de Osa, when Mata tried to do another of his crimes. Apparently the man approached a woman surname Leiva. With some nice words he gained the trust of the victim, then asked the favor of cashing a check for which he would guarantee with some jewelry he was wearing at the time.

Innocently enough she made ​​the deal and provided him the favor. At the time Mata said he also had to give the wedding ring. At that time Lewis had a bad feeling and called the police. The police investigated and found the man had about 25 complaints of fraud and one for aggravated robbery. To cash confiscated counterfeit checks.

While Perez was captured Acebedo in Samara, Guanacaste. The subject was wanted since August 2011 for a conviction of manslaughter. Officers of the security forces were conducting a routine roadblock where police immediately inquired and found Perez’s warrants.

The detainees are under the orders of Attorney General pending its precautionary measures.

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