Trouble at the Ministry of Public Education for 1000 temporary jobs

About 1,000 temporary officials of the Ministry of Public Education (MEP) go every day to work with uncertainty whether they will finish this school year.

They are hired every two months while their positions are assigned to people with a permanent job.

We are talking about principals, assistant principals, counselors, librarians and, especially, administrative assistants, who ensure that students comply with uniform guidelines and do not pass in the corridors, in addition, help other administrative tasks.

For some of these seats already there are candidates who can be hired permanently.

However, the MEP has doubts in making changes of officials in the very end of the school year, because that could disrupt the work in schools and colleges.

“Change a person with a working structure since February and replaced by someone who should start to learn, this would generate a disorder, the director has to start meeting the deputy or assistant. There are critical cases, where the principal and auxiliary change, “said Juan Antonio Gomez, director of MEP staff.

Another trouble is that some of them have to move to another community to accept the new job.

In addition to uncertainty about the future labor the contracts for only two months cause retraces in salaries, because the MEP requires several days to include the worker on the payroll every time that the worker renew the contract .

José Joaquín Arguedas, Civil Service Director, said permanent jobs should be done soon because there are 11,000 applicants since 2009.

Civil Service Director stressed that initially there were 1,800 seats available, but already some 800 were awarded.