Trial Resumes Over Stolen 320kg of Cocaine from Court

This Monday morning in room number one of the Golfito Trial Court, they will read the case against nine persons who were linked to the theft of 320 kilos of cocaine on March 26 2009 from the courts of Golfito.

This trial began on September 26 last year and involved in the case are surnamed Rivera Cespedes, Rojas Prendas, Garcia Lopez, Piedra Campos, Jimenez Garcia, Montero Carrillo, Madrigal Lopez, Torres García and Sequeira Garcia.

These people are accused on charges of violating the Law on Psychotropic Substances, aggravated robbery, criminal simulation and money laundering.

On Tuesday 21 February, the Deputy Attorney for Organized Crime requested a total of 352 years in prison against the accused, and this was confirmed by the Public Ministry spokeswoman, Tatiana Vargas.

Erick Martinez, attorney for the suspect Stone Fields said that, this process has been very uneven, and that different situations has had to suspend judgment.

Martinez said, the reasons why it should be dropped is because he feels that the charge was not well founded.

The telephone tap recording was admitted as evidence in this case. According to the prosecution in the same encryption is clear the Custom Language that would have been part of the communications prior to the robbery, however, according to Martinez, not a single fact related to the call that has been mentioned in the indictment piece.

Another defense lawyer, Leonel Villalobos, agreed that the trial has been extensive and the prosecution has no evidence to confirm his thesis.

This said I can not prove that the packages contained cocaine stolen from the Court.

Villalobos said that in the case of his client, García Jiménez, it became clear that his client had nothing to do with the facts against him so that he will no doubt be acquitted.

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