Traveling on a Budget in Costa Rica

Heather Rexoff

The cost of airfare alone can be enough to deter even the most excitable traveler from heading to Costa Rica. Unless you already live in Central America, allowing for the use of inexpensive flights or train tickets, you can expect airfare fees as high as $900 depending on the season you plan to travel in and whichever country you are coming from. However, there are a few tips that anyone interested in traveling to Costa Rica can use to reduce the amount spent on such a vacation:

Book in Online and Advance

If you have taken an interest in traveling to Costa Rica then take the time to actually consider when you would like to go. Give yourself adequate time and try to book your airfare online and in advance by at least a couple of months. This will allow you to get a great deal on your airfare, and will give you plenty of time to plan.

Fly into Major Airports

While that little eco-resort in the coastal jungle of Costa Rica looks great, it will, number one, be expensive, and number two, be more expensive to fly in to. When choosing where to fly in to Costa Rica, try to fly in to San Jose. While these major airports might be a little far from your destination, travel within the country is relatively inexpensive and traveling allows you to see more of the countryside.

Leave the Cell at Home

Instead of taking your smartphone abroad which can lead to expensive phone bills, look into a prepaid cell phone instead. A prepaid cell phone will give you all the coverage you need, and will allow you to call hotels and hostels in advance, as well as any attractions you are headed to, without raking up your regular smartphone bill.  All you will need is a best credit card to activate it.

Don’t Be Afraid of Hostels

While staying in a nice hotel on occasion is nice, it can quickly rack up a high bill. To reduce the costs of your stay, consider staying in one of the hostels in the country. Costa Rica has dozens of hostels scattered across the country, and they allow you to stay inexpensively, get a decent meal, and meet a new people along the way.

Open Air Markets are King

Food is probably one of the most expensive parts to any travel, and when you are in a new country, why would you want to miss out on trying local cuisine? However, there are more ways to enjoy the local fare than to just visit restaurant after restaurant. The local markets not only provide inexpensive and fresh produce, but they are also a great way to get a cheap, traditional meal. There are several vendors that will cook small plates or snacks right in front of you allowing you to stay full, enjoy a good meal, and hardly pay anything for it. Costa Rica is a great country to explore, and you don’t have to be rich to enjoy it either. Even those without large travel budgets can find reasonable airfare fees and stay cheaply, allowing them to enjoy more for less.

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