Trash On Streets Causing Problems With Drainage During Rainy Season

Every month, work gangs of the Municipality of San Jose take 100 tons of trash from the storm drainage system, rivers and streams. That quantity of waste is a third of what it produces the merchants and neighbors of the canton of San José every day.

Unusable electrical appliances, tires, bottles, paper, rotten fruit and a lot more waste, obstruct drains in San Jose, which creates overflows with the heavy rains.

Svetlana Kowpawiets, head of the City Stormwater System, said this year increased the amount of trash, down from 80 tons a month.

According to the official, this may be due to an increase in the number of visitors to the capital, as well as vendors who throw the waste into the ground.

The problem is aggravated because these wastes end up in the sewers, especially where criminals are stealing metal grates.

In addition to the center of the capital, there are many places where accumulation of trash in the storm drainage system are Pavas, San Sebastián and Hatillo.

Just behind the clinic in Hatillo were 33 tires in a culvert that blocked the passage of water.

Not only in San Jose there are problems in the rainy season because of the sewers clogged with trash. Desamparados and Alajuela for example, face similar situations.

Maureen Fallas, mayor of Desamparados, said that to prevent the sewer collapse, they collected each month about 70 tons of trash.

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