Transport Minister Releases Report on Weapons Theft

Today the Governing Council of the Ministry of Transport, Francisco Jimenez,presented to President Laura Chinchilla detailed reports of the administrative investigation that was conducted after the theft of 215 firearms- Glock 9mm- from the General Directorate of Traffic on the 30th January.

On the 2nd of February transit director, Cesar Quiros, was suspended for theft along with, Gerardo Aymerich, the manager of Armory, Andres Bermudez and the head of the cellar, Cristian Bagnarello.

On Sunday, News Radio Reloj spoke with Jimenez, who did not disclose any additional suspensions against the 4 that are already known.

However, it transpired that a few weeks ago, the return of former director César Quirós is not as simple as it should comply with legal process which must be endorsed by the Board of the Road Safety Council.

This was explained by COSEVI executive director, Silvia Bolaños.

Meanwhile Quiros said that during the investigation no one came to ask for his version of events and ignores the report to be presented, so that from their point of view, was not satisfied with the principle of objectivity of a management skills.

Aymerich Gerardo’s lawyer, Maria Helena Fonseca explained that, when doing an inspection report by an internal audit, managers of the same are required to give to the case involved an exit conference, which sets out the findings found during the investigation.

Another document that could have been considered as part of the investigation of Internal Auditing is the letter sent by Marcelo Morera, former deputy director ofTraffic, on August 10, 2011 by which collaboration is sought to move the staff security to another location while the remodeling is completed the winery.

Each of the weapons stolen has a value of 386 thousand colones. The place had a total of 380 guns, which were registered in the national armory since the 20th of December.

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