Transit Drivers Rally To Protest Corruption

This morning, a taxi driver group organized a protest at the roundabout at the Social Guarantees way to the Presidential House, Zapote.

Taxi drivers protest for the lack of regulation of informal transport and the irregular use of the portage. However, the Deputy Transport Minister Rodrigo Rivera said last Sunday that these situations were resolved since last year.

Through a press release, the government disqualified the call to strike, stating that their concerns are answered in Act No. 8955.

The event was located from the facilities of the Costa Rican Electricity in San Pedro to the Zapote Bridge that goes up to the presidential palace.

Carlos German, Coopetico taxi driver said we do not agree with the authorities, because first they say one thing to taxi drivers, and something different to the porters.

Aleman said that he and his partners want “fairness” they must “pay twice a year to be eligible to practice as taxi drivers, insurance, and large amounts of money for each procedure they do.”

Similarly, buses from at least 36 sectors of the country were heading toward the presidential palace in Zapote. The companies belong to the National Chamber of bus drivers.

According to Ana Madrigal, a spokeswoman for the camera from 7:30 a. m., left columns of buses from the International Mall Alajuela, from Alajuela, Naranjo, Athens, Greece and San Ramon.

“We are in alliance with the taxi drivers, we believe that government has some considerations the porters because continue, opening permits threatening the formal transport,” said Madrigal.

He said they expect a meeting with the Government to the contrary would apply stronger measures. He explained that companies today are using temporary replacement buses to participate in the march and not affect transport users.

In Zapote, the security forces was under surveillance and closed all access. Even reinforcements arrivedin case of remove any blockages.

Transit drivers asked to use alternate routes to the Beltway, and the road General Cañas.

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