Traffickers Use Mangroves To Hide Drugs

The lack of vigilance facilitates some small boats entering at high tide in the mangrove beach Rey, Manuel Antonio National Park, in Aguirre, Puntarenas, to hide drugs, boats or refueling.

The actions are presented in a section of 11 kilometers of beach between the mouth of the Naranjo River and the rivers and Portalón Savegre.

Carlos Martinez, head of the security forces of Aguirre said, in a tour conducted by Rey Beach, on Wednesday, July 4, detected seven sites have stolen boats.

He said also found plastic containers, remnants of a blanketed, and a cement tube encrusted in the sand to save water. For Martinez, that site was a camp of drug trafficking.

Rey Beach has an area of 1,294 hectares and forms part of Manuel Antonio since 2000.

Carlos Vinicio Valverde Cordero, director of the Conservation Area Minaet Central Pacific, said they are aware of the insecurity in this area of the park, but claimed that for the moment, no resources and no Personal for adequate surveillance.

“Beach Rey has not been developed. We do a check with patrols in vehicles, sometimes with the Security Forces or Coast Guard. Recently we did an evacuation of people in the mouth of the Naranjo River. We could rebuild the house for rangers, because unknown people dismantled and the access gate was stolen. The activity of the drug trafficker can not hide there, but it is practiced in other mangroves, “said Cordero.

He added that only have eight officials to monitor the park, covering 55,000 hectares. He added that it expects to open next year a beach house for Rey surveillance.

Oscar Mario Rodríguez, head of the base of the National Guard (NG) in Quepos, said that besides Rey beach in Parrita and Aguirre are other beaches with extensive mangroves, which are also widely used by drug traffickers.

He recalled that in June they discovered a hole to hide cocaine in Palo Seco. In the same place, but last January, authorities located 948 kilos of cocaine.

For Martin Arias, director of the SNG, these events occur because they are very large and isolated areas, where it can not be reached by land. It is protected mangroves and uninhabited.

The police chief said he expects the Coast Guard will soon have a radar system in conjunction with cameras that allow them to detect suspicious vessels.

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