Traffickers exploit indigenous hunger for marijuana production

Lack of jobs and food in indigenous areas has been exploited by drug traffickers to involve the residents of those areas in the production of marijuana.

Among the most affected by the drug raid are Talamanca, Limon, and protected areas in the southern region.

The Security Minister Mario Zamora, said during a press conference in which reported the results of a recent drug operation in the south.

“Drug traffickers locate areas of difficult access, and many are indigenous reserves which generate displacement and subjugation of these populations,” said Zamora.

The chief said that is a organized crime local.

“In the first phase, in Talamanca, began with swap operations: they gave them seeds, (indigenous) produced marijuana, and then was exchanged for products of first necessity.

“But now we have also observed indigenous arrested for selling drugs,” saidZamora.

Investigations by the Drug Control Police (PCD) have detected a different seed variety which is commonly known in these areas, which produces smaller shrubs.

The investigations also reveal that there are already some people who like to have good business as its own production.

Mauricio Boraschi, drug commissioner, confirmed that recent information is thatindigenous people have their own cultures.

However, he said that the distance of the sites makes it difficult to verify their relationship.

Officials said operations are being conducted frequently in mountainous areas to destroy crops.

Precisely, between 23 August and 3 September, a group of officers of the PCD destroyed 108,400 marijuana plants in the south.

The operation was carried out in the sectors of Ojochal and San Francisco Tinoco Rio in Osa of Puntarenas.

Also, in the hill Ena, located in the La Amistad Conservation Area, and in Guácimo, Drawer and Boruca of Buenos Aires.

Officers also dismantled two tents in which, apparently, remained in charge of the crops.

However, the police managed to arrest a Person, surnamed Zúñiga, on suspicion of growing marijuana.