Traffic Cams Come to Southern Zone

costa rica traffic camera

Transit officials this week begin operations with speed cameras in the southern zone.

There are a total of 19 devices capable of measuring the speed of the vehicles and even videotape them, already on our roads.

Radars with cameras came in late last year, but the officers were having trial runs of them first.

Diego Herrera of the Transit Police said, “The great advantage is that the equipment needed, and the vehicle focus is going to be evaluated by the radar.”

Of the 19, two are in the south, two in the central Pacific, two in Limon, eight in San Jose, two in the route 1 and two in Guanacaste.

In the transit law, they have defined the points for speeding while the equipment moves into mobile units.

The officer Marcelo Torres said they have seen a decrease in speed by the drivers. “There is more respect and thus minimizing the negative effects.”

Although the fine for speeding is only five thousand colones, drivers should take into account the cost of losing 15 points of the 50 they have on their license.

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