Tomato, TVs, phones and tours will be cheaper this year

Tomato, sweet pepper, televisions, cell phones and tourist packages are part of the goods and services this year which tend to lose price and help keep inflation under control.

Therefore, the cumulative increase in prices between January and September this year was 2.96%, the second lowest since 2007, surpassed only by 2.92% in 2009.

This is shown by the figures of the behavior of the consumer price index (CPI), used to measure inflation, revealed yesterday by the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INEC).

The tomatoes and peppers are the main contributors to the low of 0.76% inflation in the group of Food and soft drinks. The tomatoes fell by 72% in the period, said Milton Castillo, coordinator of the Unit Price Indices INEC.

Televisions and tourist packages caused a reduction of 1.01% in the Entertainment and culture, and the lower price of the produced cell the decline of 0.61% Communications Group.

The behavior of prices of goods and services measured by the CPI, is kept low, because in September grew by 0.07%, according to the INEC.

The cumulative inflation for the last 12 months also reveals that the price growth was moderate.

The CPI basket includes 292 goods and services (the most consumed in the country). Of these, 49% price increase in the month of September compared to August, another 39% had a decrease and 12% was unchanged in the month, revealed the INEC.

Ligia Lopez, manager of the National Tomato Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG), said that a good performance benefited climate vegetable production.

In the case of tomatoes, he said, “even the bad tomato farmer achieved excellent yields.” That caused an oversupply and falling prices.

William Rodriguez, a spokesman for the National Chamber of Tourism (Canatur), said this year has felt the stringency of the crisis.

That led employers to also be more aggressive than in other years on the subject of offers and packages, he said.

Castillo said that based on what they collect INEC studies, prices of TVs and cellphones down by constantly changing and improving technology.

As new technologies enter, detailed, should lower the previous models.

For example, the price of televisions fell 7%, to analyze the whole nine months, although in some months rose.

Hugo Pereira, CEO of Grupo Monge Costa Rica, said it also affects competition between operators in the case of cellular prices.